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SMADA Personal Accounting

We understand that paying your staff is an important but time consuming part of running your business. Let the experts take care of this. Some of our bookkeeping packages include . Incorporate this into your bookkeeping package or as a standalone service

Rental Property Specialists

Owning your own investment property can be very rewarding and offer long term income and capital growth. Owning one investment property . . . or three, is achievable for so many, yet usually because of a lack of understanding it is often placed in the too hard basket! Let us help you understand by getting one of our financial planners to review your potential and turn that dream of owning an investment property into a reality.

Owning an investment property doesn’t stop there! SMADA takes care of your investment property schedule within your tax return, making sure you claim everything that you are entitled to ensuring the maximum return on your investment. We can even sort out a depreciation schedule . . . if you are not sure what one is, get in touch and we can provide an easy explanation you will understand.

Sole Traders & ABN

Being your own boss and working for yourself is one of the most satisfying and rewarding ways to earn an income. If you are currently working under an ABN we can help keep track of receipts and payments throughout the year by providing a detailed bookkeeping service. SMADA will ensure you are meeting your compliance responsibilities by preparing and lodging your Business Activity Statements (BAS) and provide performance reports on your business, so you can easily see how things are tracking.

If you are considering starting a business, trading as a sole trader is the most common format. Before you jump in SMADA can provide and explain all the legal information in a way in which you will understand. We love seeing small businesses start and grow, start off on the right foot by letting us take care of all the legal and registration mumbo jumbo.

Superannuation & Retirement

The great Australian dream! Working allows us to buy and live the lifestyle of our choice . . . but what about when we stop working!?! Everyone has a different understanding and expectation of retirement, but superannuation is the vehicle that allows you to save for retirement in a tax effective manner. Superannuation doesn’t just happen overnight, SMADA will work with you to effectively plan and build your superannuation fund making sure you achieve your retirement lifestyle and goals.

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Combining an online registration & phone appointment you can have your tax done at a time & place which suits you.

Add Your Details
Add Your Details

Register Securely Online

Sign up electronically, we will use your details to contact the ATO and retrieve the necessary info to start preparing your tax return.

Registered Tax Agents Will Call
Registered Tax Agents Will Call

Phone Appointment

One of our Registered Tax Agents will call at a time which suits you. Download our Tax Return Checklist for details of what Information to have available during the appointment.

Your return is deposited into your bank account.
Your return is deposited into your bank account.

Tax Return lodged – SMADA!

We will send you a full copy of your tax return for review & signing using the secure digital signature system . . . . the SMADA way!
Your return is deposited into your bank account.

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